Prednisone and its possible side effects!

Prednisone is not a remedy of occasional usage as it performs a strong impact on the organism refilling the missing steroids in the body and helping to accomplish the naturally produced steroids in your body. Its wide range of application enables the drug to be prescribed to many patients, however be careful with side effects.As an average drug Prednisone performs light to severe side effects not taking into consideration severe allergic reactions. Such presentations become evident in the first hours after the first Prednisone intake.
The Prednisone treatment should be strictly supervised by your physician and followed with tests and regular examination to track the progress and manage the dosage if necessary.
However if you notice some bothering symptoms report the case to your physician. If you feel deep depression, some psyche disorders, behavior changes, strong stomach pain and extremely high blood pressure you should immediately get the medical consultation as these symptoms may perform danger to your health. Other side effects presentations include light behavior and mood shifts, insomnia, skin changes, excessive tiredness and headache, dizziness. These symptoms will not withdraw the Prednisone treatment however your physician may help you cope with such unpleasant presentations.
Rare cases report bloody diarrhea and bloody coughing, when noticing such presentations call immediately the emergency and warn the doctors you are taking Prednisone as it may interact with other remedies given you to eliminate the unwanted symptoms.
Any newly appeared symptom should not be treated on your own even if it is a usual headache. Prednisone makes the immune system of the patient weaker and any symptom can indicate a newly acquired disease. So stay in constant contact with your physician and keep tracking your health state.
Your self treatment can be dangerous as Prednisone interacts with many drugs even with usual aspirin generally taking to fight the headache. The list of the remedies that should be avoided together with Prednisone includes diuretics, blood thinners, oral insulin medications, Phenobarbital and ketoconazole. This list is however not complete and you should warn you physician on the pills you are occasionally taking.
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Do not buy analog remedies or widely advertised copies of Prednisone which can be cheaper, however may damage your health which is not a thing to risk!

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